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Welcome to 1979, Where Nashville’s Recording Past and Future Collide

By Sean Brna Welcome to 1979 is the name of a recording studio in west Nashville. However, a more appropriate name might be Welcome to the Only Place of its Kind. It is not incorrect to call Welcome to 1979 a recording studio, but honestly, a

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A New Residency Program is Addressing Nashville’s Doctor Shortage

For many years now the media in the United States has been addressing the shortage of nurses and other medical personnel, but little has been said about the increasing shortage of doctors. There is indeed such an increasing shortage in the Nashville

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Why We’re Totally Ready for a Solar Powered World

If you take a flight into Cochin, on the southwestern tip of India, you may find yourself totally dazzled by an impressive array of reflective panels. Those shiny things are more than 46,000 solar panels that harness the power of the sun, converting

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