From Apps to Appetizers: Nashville’s Mobile Food Scene Keeps Growing

By Justin Stokes Fashioned as “The Athens of the South,” Nashville's persona is a smaller-scaled mirror to the “potluck approach” that has made American such a full palette for food concepts ranging the globe. Nashville has touched and been

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Why Not Have Thanksgiving With Strangers This Year?

By Kiersten Tomson MealSharing CEO Jay Savsani just experienced his first real Thanksgiving dinner last year thanks to his own company. “It was my first traditional Thanksgiving. My family is Indian, so we’ve never done the turkey, mashed

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Photo: Sunflower Cafe

The Hunt for Nashville’s Best Veggie Burger

By Lee Rennick Nashville is a hamburger town. What got started with Rotier’s and Brown’s Diner has now spread everywhere, including fine restaurants like 1808 and Capitol Grill. You can also find fish burgers, turkey burgers, and even Bison

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