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Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame is a Cyber Sensation

By Lee Rennick Just a few years ago John Long, from Georgia, had the idea for the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame, and Lee Dorman, a Nashville area broadcaster got the ball rolling with the help of several broadcasters from across the state. As the

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4 Reasons Why Nashville Could Host the Next Grammys

The Grammy Awards are one hell of a show. Last year was arguably the best show in a very long time, with legendary performances by Lady Gaga, Alabama Shakes and Kendrick Lamar, they certainly gave everyone something to talk about. The show is usually

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The Forward Beat School of Rock: Music App 101

If there’s one thing that Nashville musicians know, it’s that living in Music City doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to get people to care about your band. In a city with a renowned history of and appreciation for music, the bar is often set even

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So You Want to Start a Band? Here’s How to Tell if You Need a Publicist.

By Joel Tannenbaum If you read my last article, you might be saying to yourself, “Okay, enough with the history lesson: Does my band need a publicist? There are actually two pretty simple ways to answer this question: Is someone else offering

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Wait, Home Studios are Outlawed in Nashville?

In another stunning edition of ‘Wait, Whaaat?’ news, it turns out that owning a home recording studio can get you in a lot of trouble with Nashville’s government. According to a provision in Metro Nashville’s zoning laws, owning and operating a home

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