Olympian Shawn Johnson Kicks Off Rio Fever in Nashville

By Justin Stokes So the 2016 Summer Olympics technically don’t start until tomorrow, but Nashville got an early taste of the action last Friday. That was when the city had its “Breakfast of Champions” brunch event at the First Tennessee Park's

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An Ode to 2 of Tennessee’s Olympic Heroes

The Olympic trials are over and Rio is just around the corner. Athletes like Gabby Douglas, Katie Ledecky, and Michael Phelps probably flash across your dreams and television sets. It’s no surprise of course. These are America’s champions; the ones

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Photo: Wikimedia

Will Super Bowl 50 Be the Most High-Tech Sports Event of All Time?

The short answer is yes. That’s obvious for a number of reasons: Technology progresses every year so realistically every Super Bowl should be the techiest Super Bowl ever (excluding the Superdome’s inability to keep the lights on a couple of

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Eddie George as a running back for Tennessee Titans in 2003 / AP

Eddie George is a Straight Up Renaissance Man

Turns out Eddie George is doing a whole lot more than just hanging around the Heisman House getting whooped by Mariota in ping pong. Maybe it was the heartbreaking Super Bowl XXXIV loss that let his

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Marcus Mariota is the Best Thing To Happen to Nashville Since Francis Nash Himself

Being a Titans fan has not been easy for quite some time now. The team has essentially done nothing but move backwards ever since the NFL thought Vince Young was going to be a franchise quarterback. *Laughs hysterically.*  Take a look at the past

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