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9 Real-Life Cyborgs That Will Blow Your Mind

Between our laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and drones, technology is becoming increasingly a part of our lives, even physically. We humans are well on our way to merging with technology, perhaps even becoming indistinguishable. In just

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Tip Your Hat to Nashville’s Future Leaders and Achievers

By Justin Stokes There are more ways to make an impact on the world than by simply building a cool product or service. This is something that’s been on Comcast’s radar for quite some time. For 17 years as of this June, they have been reaching

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5 Robotic Snakes That May, Just May Take Over the World

Snakes are the worst, right? They’re slippery, slimy, venomous, and all around terrifying. Anyone who has a snake for a pet is a creep who likes to watch mice get eaten. The only thing that can make snakes worse is if you turn them into robots. But

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Get to Know Nashville’s Ideashares, an Inventor’s Best Friend

By Justin Stokes On the notion of working out a great idea, we're going for sort of a hat trick. We’ve chatted with both the folks at IDEAcon – which massaged the brains of attendees eager to make their idea a reality – as well as maker of things

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Franklin’s Xfinity Store is Your New Internet Headquarters

By Justin Stokes Yesterday morning, Franklin, TN had another reason to wake up with a smile on its face, as the latest interactive Xfinity Customer Retail Center enjoyed its ribbon-cutting ceremony. Unlocking its doors for the grand opening,

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