Eddie George is a Straight Up Renaissance Man

Turns out Eddie George is doing a whole lot more than just hanging around the Heisman House getting whooped by Mariota in ping pong.

Maybe it was the heartbreaking Super Bowl XXXIV loss that let his hunger live, but he’s still doing big things.

For one thing, earlier this month he helped us raise a ton of money for a great cause at Nashville’s Rally for Kids with Cancer. But now? Now he’s now headed to Broadway! What?

Am I meaning to tell you this guy can act too? Yup.

Here’s a guy who won a Heisman Trophy, an AFC Championship, went to four Pro Bowls, and rushed for over 10,000 yards in his eight-year NFL career. That’s arguably Hall of Fame-worthy. A list of accolades like this would leave any person content with a lifetime of achievements at the age of 42.

If you’ve ever had the chance to get over to the Nashville Shakespeare Festival, you probably aren’t all that surprised about the news. Apparently he’s the real deal and has taken on difficult roles as Shakespeare’s most complex characters in Othello and Julius Caesar. Check it out:

Now he’s taking on a smaller role, but on a much bigger stage, playing a seven-week stint as lawyer Billy Flynn in the Broadway musical Chicago.

If Eddie George can take on Shakespeare, Chicago is going to be a cakewalk. Let’s not assume the bright lights will faze a guy who scored two touchdowns in a Super Bowl either.

Eddie George is a straight up Renaissance man—and he’s representing Nashville well.

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