Has Your Favorite Holiday Tradition Gotten a Digital Makeover?

By Laura Pochodylo

There’s so much to do during the holiday season, and so little time to do it. In an innovative world of self-driving cars and voice assistants, there are also some tech-savvy ways you can get everything on your holiday agenda completed quickly and easily without losing the magic of the holidays.

Surely you’ve thought about your holiday card all year, snapping the perfect photo of the whole family on summer vacation or at the apple orchard. But when it comes down to actually printing the cards, picking the envelopes, and rounding up addresses, you might find yourself sending Happy New Year cards instead of getting them out in December. Luckily, sites like Paperless Post and Greenvelope make it simple to send a beautiful eCard to everyone on your mailing list in a matter of minutes. Added bonus: you go green, as Greenvelope’s name suggests, by saving paper.

For many families, the holiday season is also a time of giving back to their communities. Some people make it a tradition to “adopt” another family or child for the holidays, providing gifts and cheer. The days of taking a tag off of a bulletin board or at a meeting are in the past, as many of these programs have moved online to reach a wider audience. In Nashville, Angel Tree and the Prison Fellowship’s program have both moved online, making it easy to encourage people to give through social media and email. Nashville Rescue Mission now takes volunteer applications for serving meals through their website as well.

One of the most special parts of the holidays is the festive season soundtrack. Keep wireless speakers, voice assistants and more playing your favorite holiday tunes for parties, meals, tree decorating, and even Christmas morning. You’ll need a strong WiFi signal, however, which is where Xfinity’s xFi comes in.

Photo courtesy of Comcast

Photo courtesy of Comcast

With xFi, in addition to having dependable WiFi, you can easily be the boss of the signal during all of your holiday hosting. Create a fun, festive WiFi password for a party through XFi, and switch it back to normal the next day. And when you don’t want to make it easy to hop online for your guests, turn the signal off so everyone can spend some quality time together during dinner or a game.

Lots of quality time can also be spent enjoying everything Xfinity’s X1 Platform has to offer, too. Find your favorite holiday movies ready to play by simply asking your X1 Voice Remote, and record Christmas specials for later viewing on your Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The best news is that your family won’t have to make hard choices on what to watch: if someone wants football and someone else wants It’s a Wonderful Life, the Xfinity X1 DVR can handle recording four shows at once while playing a fifth.

The reason for the season is different for many families, but at the core of it all, the holidays are a time to enjoy yourselves and the people around you. Instead of getting caught up in the work of planning and hosting, get celebrating by letting helpful technology lend a hand.

Lead photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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