Franklin’s Xfinity Store is Your New Internet Headquarters

By Justin Stokes

Yesterday morning, Franklin, TN had another reason to wake up with a smile on its face, as the latest interactive Xfinity Customer Retail Center enjoyed its ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Unlocking its doors for the grand opening, more than 50 members of the Franklin community came to the cable and internet provider’s newest Tennessee location to take in what the new facility has in store. The Xfinity opening represents not only a more interactive way to engage those curious about the cable provider’s offerings but an enhanced one that lets people get past phone calls to chat in person with Comcast folks.

It’s the third facility added to Middle Tennessee over the last three years, and for those looking to simplify the process of bill paying, browse the services available to them, and chat with a service rep about items in your bill, these stores offer a massive service.

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“It’s part of an overall national effort to improve customer experience,” says Comcast South Director of Public Relations Sara Jo Walker. “The centers are designed to be interactive, convenient, welcoming, and able to serve the needs of customers in the area. It’s our number one goal right now, to improve the customer experience.”

The facility has nine service counters, a place for product demos dubbed “The iPad Bar,” kiosks for instant payment, and stations specifically designated for each of Comcast’s latest products and services that have home security and voice. The standard of internet and cable services have seen fresh reincarnations in the Xfinity X1 platform that combines live TV, previously recorded programs, and On Demand content with recommendations for viewing, apps, and social media that make the voice controlled experiment one worth picking up.

The store is meant to “touch and play,” letting those who enter leave with as deep an understanding of Comcast’s potential and presence as possible.

The proposed improvement also has better equipment for those on both sides of the counter. Nashville and Atlanta are the first two markets to benefit from DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit internet, which should make the initial product pickup from the store provide Indycar-quick speeds for anything with a screen. It’s also catering to those that have the latest televisions wanting to see how, say, their favorite shows would look on a 3D TV.

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In anticipation of the event upon its announcement on Jan. 26, Franklin Mayor Ken Moore said “The City of Franklin appreciates Comcast’s hard work to improve the customer service experience through this latest milestone. From residential speed increases and Wi-Fi deployments, to expanding advanced Ethernet for businesses in Franklin, Comcast has played a significant role in keeping our community ahead of the technology curve.”

Among those in attendance, Senior Vice President of the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce Nancy Conway was grateful for Comcast’s presence in the area. “I’m very proud of the fact that this is the third center and this one’s in Franklin. The fact that Comcast is focusing on improvement of what to offer customers is phenomenal. This is a 6,000 square-foot facility with numerous offerings. Plus, the fact that it is well-staffed to help customers any way necessary [is very exciting].”

Comcast currently has plans to hire 5,500 people all over the nation for customer service jobs over the next few years, as well as invest in various technologies and educational methods to make the customer service reps as knowledgeable as can be when it comes to the needs of Comcast subscribers.

The newest Xfinity Customer Retail Center to innovate Tennessee’s entertainment needs Is located at 7090 Bakers Bridge Road, in the Cool Springs area of Franklin.

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