If You’re A Musician Without Medical Insurance, We’ve Got Good News

It’s tough being a musician. In more ways than one. Between struggles to find decent gigs to being able to sell your music, being a musician is not for the faint of heart. Making a career as a musician is already tough enough without all the stuff that comes with living life. Paying rent, buying groceries, and obtaining health care.

That’s where the Music Health Alliance comes in.

Music Health Alliance is a resource for musicians’ healthcare solutions and access. MHA’s founer, Tatum Allsep, documented the music industry’s desperate need for healthcare support while she worked with Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She wanted to find an innovative means to bring healthcare to the music industry.

Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

The nonprofit organization is working to set up premium assistance fund to help musicians who make too much money to qualify for those wonderful tax credits. Because of how the insurance blocs are set up, you can make too much money to qualify for tax credits, but not enough to cover insurance. It’s a kind of health coverage limbo that nobody should be floating in.

Obtaining health insurance can be a needlessly complicated process, what with figuring out all the premiums, what’s covered, what’s not, etc. If you lump taxes into that mess, well, it gets a whole lot more complicated.

When you’re busy trying to book a gig, or write another song, figuring out taxes can be a little overwhelming. Hell, most people across our country would tell you that taxes in general are overwhelming. When it comes to health coverage, you’ve got tax brackets, subsidies, federal benchmarks, credits, etc. It’s just a lot.

That’s why MHA is working to stay ahead of the curve by finding solutions for musicians who are struggling to find the coverage they so desperately need. The good news is that early indications have pointed to increases in coverage for Tennessee residents. There’s still some fundraising that needs to go down, but for now there’s an important resource for musicians who either don’t understand, or are unable to find coverage for themselves and their families: Music Health Alliance.

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