Inside the Technology Challenge That Blew Through Nashville

By Justin Stokes

The Xfinity X1 Challenge Tour Bus has been touring all over the country with a pretty awesome display of its wares. Recently, it rolled into Nashville to show the area just what the fuss is all about.

Setting up their tents near the entrance to the Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium, the X1 team had six high definition television stations set up. The stations had remote controls and tablets to let those seated skim the Xfinity library that includes more than 44,000 OnDemand listings and over 162,000 free television shows and movies.

It’s no longer fair to call what one watches on the X1 Entertainment Operating System “streamable content.”

Image: Justin Stokes.

Image: Justin Stokes.

Instead, it’s a whitewater raft ride along their media tributaries, and you’re gonna wanna grab a life jacket with your popcorn. Exclusive rights through the NBC Universal sphere of content make NBC shows like The Blacklist available to Xfinity users.

There’s a convenience to having all of your content accessible through one interface, with “content” not just being limited to a cable package.

It’s a brimming ensemble of service options that declutters the viewing process while still upholding the à la carte agreement of today’s media. Xfinity has proven that the future is both “great content” and “a great using experience” and wants to offer users the next great viewing experience.

What is the X1 Challenge?

But the X1 platform isn’t just a streaming service, and the presence of the X1 Challenge will make sure that is known.

One part of the display which put a stinging truth in the ear of tent-goers was their racing game. With two bikes attached to the arcade-style machines, it looked like the patrons were in for a race against each other. But actually, the race was against the speed of competitors, as the game simulated the sloshing of other internet service providers.

Luckily, the terrifying speed of the motorcycle simulation blue booster don’t translate into the actual Xfinity service. 

Joining the fun were the other stations that rounded out the potential for new customers. The “Sports” station had VR goggles that tie into last year’s co-venture between Time Warner and Comcast to invest in VR live-streaming.


Image: Justin Stokes.

The two-button trivia game brought the power of the X1 service into context for attendees, comparing the service to others to help them make “The Obvious Choice.”

The Xfinity X1 Challenge also got some support from local star-power. Several Tennessee Titans alum — including the fabulous women from the current cheerleader roster and a few recognizable faces who’ve worn the jersey — were there to experience it all.

Giving a shout-out to the company, former Titans quarterback Neil O’Donnell was on hand to sign autographs for restive fans coming to the tent. On being at the tour, he says, “It’s so cool… even the whole tour bus and the outlet, and all. The iPads and the screens, and how clear they are. I’ve been [a Comcast customer] since ‘99, and I’m very impressed with it.

Image: Justin Stokes.

Image: Justin Stokes.

O’Donnell continues, “I think they’re getting better each day.”

Want to take the X1 Challenge for yourself? Check this out to see the specs on how other service providers stack up. How does your service stack up against other internet and cable providers?

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