Life’s a Dream on The Peach Truck

By Laura Pochodylo

As Nashville grows, so does one of its most delicious local establishments: The Peach Truck. Founded by native Georgian-turned Nashvillian Stephen Rose, The Peach Truck brings the best of his home state’s peaches on tour.

While peaches are a staple of southern food, fresh ones have not always been readily available in Nashville. Rose and his wife Jessica discovered this when they moved to the city in 2010, and decided to change it with the founding of The Peach Truck in 2012. Its mission is to bring “the best peaches possible” to people who weren’t able to grow up on a peach farm like Rose. Now available in various locations around Nashville, usually between mid-May to mid-August, The Peach Truck has been a popular addition to summertime in Music City.

When we started The Peach Truck in 2012, Jessica and I went directly to our favorite restaurants. We knew if the best chefs in town loved these peaches we so believed in, we'd be on to something. • The very first door we knocked on was City House. Germantown felt like the middle of nowhere at the time, and Chef Tandy Wilson was innovating from the very beginning. • It was a quick conversation explaining Fresh Georgia Peaches right off the tree, and why these peaches were like no other. Tandy quickly said, "Sure! Bring 'em when they're picked!" He's faithfully used our peaches on his menu every summer since. • 5 years later we're so honored to be co-hosting a dinner with our friends at City House. A 4 Course Dinner with drink pairings. Peaches in every dish. • Tuesday, June 20. Tax, drinks, + gratuity included! There are only about 15 seats left, so grab 'em while they're here. Link in profile!

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“Getting to add to the flavor of the community is the biggest honor,” Rose said. “I love that summers in Nashville are somewhat synonymous with The Peach Truck. They go together. We feel like Nashville has become a peach city, and we love that The Peach Truck has had a role in that.”

In addition to appearing at farmers’ markets, festivals, and restaurants around Nashville, The Peach Truck tours in high peach season, traveling through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Peach enthusiasts can also order peaches online for delivery. Their peachy presence continues to expand, too.

“We have a couple of fun projects up our sleeves for next year, and we hope to add a couple more states to our tour. Think the Sunshine State and the Empire State,” Rose hinted.

All locations in Nashville! Made just last week with our Carored variety. You're gonna love it. ? @emilyacarlton

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Bringing fruity flavor on the road doesn’t come without its challenges. Rose and his team are at the mercy of the growing season and the logistics of delivering freshness.

“Freshness is king in The Peach Truck, and making sure we are always on top of our craft and never selling peaches more than a couple days off the tree is an ever-present challenge,” Rose explained.

The peaches, available by the box or the bag, are sourced straight from Georgia. With the growing season only lasting a fraction of the year, The Peach Truck encourages stocking up and indulging in peaches while they’re good. This year had a particularly short season, dependent on the whims of nature.

“The best part of peach season is always the way the community comes out and supports us, but what made that extra special this year was that they rallied around us in an extra special way with the short season,” Rose said. “There were no lulls or down weeks because people came out for us strong each week to help support the short season, and of course, make sure they got their peach fix.”

As Rose and his team rise to the challenges that nature, a growing demand, and new horizons on their tour bring them, they are backed up by the power and connectivity of Comcast Business.

“We feel like The Peach Truck has done its part in bringing the produce world into the 21st century, and Comcast has been a huge part of that,” Rose explained. “To have consistent, fast, stable internet when communicating with our team across several states, as well as here in Nashville is massive. Also, we’re a seasonal business, so being able to shut off our service for the offseason is a huge asset.”

Peach Galette Sundays. ? @iampatrickchin

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While peach enthusiasts are missing The Peach Truck’s signature brown bags full of plump, fragrant peaches until next summer, Rose is looking towards the next horizon for his booming business.

“We are always looking to innovate and add to what we do,” Rose said.

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