Meet the Man Who Keeps Your Event Photos Safe and Sound

By Justin Stokes

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s the value of an endless feed of them? What about an endless feed in an exciting layout that helps you meet you new people while being protected by the interests of the company and those events you attend?

Meet Arcivr: a new platform that saves images, helps you avoid losing friends in political arguments and gives a fresh approach to engaging strangers that have common interests in an event. Straight from the horse’s mouth, the Nashville-based app is made to “drive attendee engagement, increase sponsor value and track insightful data in real time.”

Founder and CEO Chris Korbey wants to rethink the idea of fan engagement. He’s spent half his career in design and half in brand development, helping launch products for entities like T-Mobile.

Korbey relocated to Nashville from New York in 2012 and eventually found himself at Emma, an email marketing firm, as a creative director. The following year, Korbey left Emma to pursue design work and photography for brands like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Vans.


For Korbey, snapping an image is one of the highlights of the creative process. “The most fun part of your life is being out at a photo shoot,” he says. “People always asked me, ‘As a photographer how do you store your photos?’”

Being asked that question consistently led Korbey to see the value of a secure photo storage platform.

By learning about startups and approaching one of his biggest clients from his previous business, Chris was able to soft-launch Arcivr in November 2013. Per Korbey, the platform’s modus operandi is “creating privacy without losing the ability to share and having the ultimate goal of having this legacy of photos that can be passed from generation to generation.” 

Smooth sailing only lasts if the winds of change aren’t blowing, though. In Fall 2014, Google, Apple and Dropbox launched similar products. Korbey realized there was no way to compete with those folks. This caused Arcivr to take a preemptive look at their user base and focus on the idea of getting as much as they could out of individual “life events.”


Thus, Korbey broke interests off into two categories and made them two separate businesses. Ceremony—the sister service to Arcivr—is a similar piece of tech that allows people to share their images and create an interactive wedding photo album. This allows Arcivr to focus on serving events that fall into the live entertainment category.

The app served 17 dates for the faith-based radio network K-Love Christmas Tour and developed a partnership with Word Entertainment (Mike Curb’s Christian label).

“It was an instant success,” says Korbey. “4700 fans used the app to post photos. We ran a contest through the app to win a guitar. The critical point for Word [Entertainment] was to capture name and email address for fans. It can be used by anybody… Everything from a 200,000 tickets event to a family vacation, church event, that type of thing.”

But photo sharing alone wasn’t enough, so Korbey and crew made a platform that allows users to add all of their event information, giving organizers access to the control center (called “backstage”). Then, users create their own visual feed in the app that lets them keep every photo and share them with friends.

But Korbey believes in making Arcivr as unique a tool as possible. Through a partnership with Canon, Arcivr and Ceremony users are able to order framed prints of uploaded photos. Users can curate their own gallery from which they can order prints, and this creates a revenue share system with the performer at the event. They’ve also allowed photographers the ability to easily upload photos of an event from meet-and-greet experiences that can be sent anywhere.


Korbey is committed to protecting the privacy of users, so no information from Arcivr can be sold to a third party.

“The last couple of weeks, there’s been so much press around Instagram user complaints,” Korbey says. “For the original Instagram user, the beauty was no ads and a chronological view of all my friends’ photos. That’s why people use Arcivr.”

It’s a philosophy that has helped Arcivr, as they’re currently working on a Warner Music meet-and-greet for a “big country tour” as well as serving a half-dozen of fan experience events for the Country Music Association.

Want to use Arcivr for the next event you attend or organize? Give it a whirl by checking out their website, or download the app through the App Store or Google Play.

All photos courtesy of Arcivr. 

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