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So, You Want to Break Into Nashville’s Music Blogosphere?

Forget being in a band: For some Nashville music geeks, life is about promoting their blog, not their gig. Not too long ago, we at Forward Beat published a post on how bands and startups are basically the same thing. In that spirit, we have a

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Photo: Sunflower Cafe

The Hunt for Nashville’s Best Veggie Burger

By Lee Rennick Nashville is a hamburger town. What got started with Rotier’s and Brown’s Diner has now spread everywhere, including fine restaurants like 1808 and Capitol Grill. You can also find fish burgers, turkey burgers, and even Bison

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Honky Tonkin’ and Kickstartin’ in Nashville

Every now and then, we think it’s fun to peruse through Kickstarter to see what people in our community are creating and innovating. In a Kickstarter roundup, there’s always at least something interesting, something inspiring, and something … weird.

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Bilingual TV is Opening Up the World in 5 Big Ways

You know what they say. The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page. Well, we think the same goes for speaking languages. The latest rollout from XFINITY’s X1 television platform is Language Choice, a buffet of features

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Eddie George as a running back for Tennessee Titans in 2003 / AP

Eddie George is a Straight Up Renaissance Man

Turns out Eddie George is doing a whole lot more than just hanging around the Heisman House getting whooped by Mariota in ping pong. Maybe it was the heartbreaking Super Bowl XXXIV loss that let his

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