This Badass Breast Cancer Survivor Will Change the Way You Think About Awareness

“Just do what makes you happy. Be as loud as you want. Be as quiet as you want. You don’t owe anybody anything.” If you want to know what it means to be a badass, look no further than comedian Nikki Black. October is Breast Cancer Awareness

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Lyft is Coming to Nashville!

Good news, my cab-hating friends! Everyone’s favorite fastest-growing, pink-mustachioed ride-sharing company, Lyft, will be shifting about 20 employees from its customer support team in the Bay Area to Music City to expand its pink, fuzzy empire.

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Turbo Fruits’ Jonas Stein On Starting a Band, Mixing It Up, and Working with The Black Keys

Turbo Fruits is the band that every garage-rock-loving Nashvillian needs to have been listening to for the past eight years and four records. Notorious for having a good time, playing awesome music, and killing it on the road with some great

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Photo: Nashville Scene

Finding the Best of the Best of Nashville

Our society has become a huge fan of the list. Tell someone about a recent meal you just enjoyed and the conversation will inevitably shift to, "OK, best burgers. Give me your top 5. GO." If you can't condense your opinion into at least a best of 3,

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You’ve Never Seen a Fundraiser Like The Rally for Kids with Cancer

By Lily Clayton Hansen Photos by Steven Knapp In spite of the dreary weather, the Rally for Kids with Cancer was a day filled with laughter, camaraderie and friendly competition. On Sat., Oct. 3, a high-end scavenger hunt, fashioned in a similar

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