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How I Learned to Drink from the Firehose at the Nashville Software School

By Casey Reed Editor’s note: Over a year ago, we published a story about the Nashville Software School (NSS). After reading the piece, Forward Beat writer Casey Reed was inspired to apply and enroll into NSS as a path toward transitioning

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Upgrading Your Personal UX: Dispatches from the Nashville Software School

What do you do when you find out there are an alarming number of open tech jobs in Nashville? Start a software school, of course. That’s exactly what the founders of the Nashville Software School did in 2012. The Nashville Software School,

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Is Social Media the Future of Education? This Startup Thinks So

The Inspiration It was a rough road that led Pooja Sankar to creating the Piazza, the platform that, quite frankly, is changing the face of education in terms of providing students with the tools they need to become more engaged participants in the

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