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It’s Black History Month, So Get Familiar with These Young Influencers

It’s February, which means it’s Black History Month. Yeah, the Twitter hashtag emoji and the Snapchat filter are fun ways to observe the month-long occasion, but it’s important to celebrate the many ways Black Americans are changing the world

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Silicon Valley Has Officially Lost Its Collective Mind

Silicon Valley, we need to have a little talk about artificial intelligence. Get a cup of coffee (or a can of Red Bull) and take a seat. Guys. Guuuuuys. You need to chill. It’s okay to be hesitant about artificial intelligence. It’s okay to be

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Metova May Very Well Be Tennessee’s Hottest App Developer

By Justin Stokes We've previously profiled a few Nashville businesses who do excellent work through the creation of apps that bridge mobile phone users to their favorite businesses. On the search for “what business is making great apps?” your search

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