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Composing, Coding and Careers: How Can Music and Tech Intersect?

By Laura Pochodylo In the minds of outsiders, working in technology draws easy parallels to science and math. But music? Not so much. However, for many Nashville coders, entrepreneurs and more working with technology, it’s a natural

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World-Changing Startups from Nashville You Should Know About

We do a lot of talking about startups. You know—new companies, apps, and technology that will improve your life or make some specific function easier (or perhaps more enjoyable). Great ideas often come with great payoffs for the creators of those

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Photo: Hope Caburn

Nashville: More Than Just Music

Nashville is known worldwide for its thriving music scene. Let it be known that I, the writer of this blog post, am not from Nashville. So I can speak for all outsiders and unfortunate strangers of this great city when I say that all anyone thinks

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