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With Gigamunch, Explore the Hidden World of Homemade Cooking

By Justin Stokes Nashville has seen a few additions to the options on the menu for bon vivants wanting a new taste. Apps for organizations like the Nashville Originals dining aggregate and the Nashville Food Truck Association let food freaks know

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Will Super Bowl 50 Be the Most High-Tech Sports Event of All Time?

The short answer is yes. That’s obvious for a number of reasons: Technology progresses every year so realistically every Super Bowl should be the techiest Super Bowl ever (excluding the Superdome’s inability to keep the lights on a couple of

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Metova May Very Well Be Tennessee’s Hottest App Developer

By Justin Stokes We've previously profiled a few Nashville businesses who do excellent work through the creation of apps that bridge mobile phone users to their favorite businesses. On the search for “what business is making great apps?” your search

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The Push for Accessible Tech Continues with Nashville’s TabletTable

Back in November, we rounded up a handful of our favorite Kickstarter campaigns in Nashville. They were all pretty cool, but we have to admit that one particular project really caught our attention. That project is TabletTable, “a secure platform

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Step 1: Get Your Nails Did. Step 2: Take Over the Tech World.

Just when you thought you could do all that there is to do from your smartphone, somebody with an awesomely innovative idea steps forward and changes it up. Preemadonna, a San Francisco-based company that focuses on using technology to provide

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