Tech Hill Commons is Ready to Transform Nashville’s Tech and Startup Scene

By Justin Stokes

Nashville’s startup and tech community has a new biggest cheerleader, and its name is Tech Hill Commons.

The Nashville Technology Council (NTC) and Comcast partnered to open the 9,500 plus square feet facility that will serve as the new home to the NTC. The gigabit-powered Commons features two conference rooms, a 150-person event room, a learning center and the best communications development and office amenities currently available to entrepreneurs, leaders and technologists that want to get the most out of a meeting space.

On Tuesday, May 2, several hundred intrigued and excited people came to Nolensville Corridor to attend the Tech Hill Commons ribbon-cutting ceremony and take a tour of the facility. On hand to demonstrate to visitors and members of the press exactly what the space can do was NTC President and CEO Bill Moyer. A devotee to the latest in tech, Moyer walked guests through the space and spoke about the facility’s partnership with Comcast Business.

In one of the workspaces, Moyer spoke to a crowd of attendees. “Surprisingly enough,” he said, “one of the things that was most exciting to our team was just getting a phone on a desk to use, because we’ve been using web-based phone services prior to that. It’s nice to have an actual business phone service. We appreciate that.”

Next, guests were taken to one of the conference rooms to see the power of the Cisco TelePresence MX700 video collaboration system. Those entering with electronics registered to a Cisco account have their information automatically recognized by the system, so that contacts and preferences follow the user around the room.

Guests watch a demo (Photo by Justin Stokes)

Guests watch a demo (Photo by Justin Stokes)

Thanks to a video call demo, attendees were able to see the cameras following them any time they had a question or made a comment to the speaker. Used in conjunction with the 130’’ projection screen with Dell HD Project, the four 4k Monitors (operating on the X1 entertainment platform) and a suite of surround sound and microphones make teleconferencing as good as a sit-down chat.

After the tour, eager guests piled into the event space, and Moyer took to the podium. “This grand opening marks the culmination of months of planning and effort from our Board of Directors, our staff and our supporters,” he said. “More importantly, the grand opening of Tech Hill Commons brings new opportunities. It’s not just the home of the NTC, which we’re very grateful for. It’s the new home of the Middle Tennessee tech community. And with that, new opportunities to leverage this beautiful space in support of our tech community and the growth of our economy.”

Moyer then gave the floor to Audra Ladd, Manager of Small Business and Creative Economy with the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Community Development, who spoke about why the facility is so important to Davidson County. “It’s a place where businesses, education, and growth in the tech community are happening simultaneously,” she said.

Ladd mentioned the facility’s convenient location near Nolensville Pike, which she labeled as “a critical piece of Nashville’s transit future,” along with Mayor Barry’s plan for a Nashville light rail and Envision Nolensville. Ladd described Tech Hill Commons as “a wonderful collaboration between so many organizations,” and noted how “Nashville’s growth has driven our tech community’s growth, and vice versa.”

Photo courtesy of Comcast South

Photo courtesy of Comcast South

Golden Spiral CEO John Farkas—who played a role in reinventing the NTC—shared the thought process behind the name and graphic design for Tech Hill Commons. While displaying the logo on the projection screen behind him, Farkas said, “It’s not just a logo. It’s really a system that connotes the different elements and the emphasis of the Technology Council.”

And what is that system? It’s a system “to connect, to unite, to develop, and to promote” technology across all platforms in Music City.

“After years of collaboration with forward-thinking leaders such as the NTC, it’s exciting to finally see Tech Hill Commons come to life,” said Doug Guthrie, Regional Senior Vice President at Comcast. “Nashville’s tech community now has a permanent place to call home, and Comcast will continue to play a defining role in providing crucial resources to help them thrive.”

Learn more about Tech Hill Commons and how you can benefit from the space by viewing membership perks online.

Lead photo courtesy of Comcast South

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